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Taking Care of Ourselves & Each Other

Mental Health Resources at Stanford

GOALIE, Credit: Nikolas Liepins/Ethography

Who We Are

The Graduate Life Office (GLO) is a division of the Office of the Vice Provost for Student Affairs. We serve the entire graduate student population at Stanford and their families. GLO deans are a source of comprehensive, impartial guidance and information related to all aspects of your life as a graduate student.

We’re here to answer questions, resolve problems and provide advice and, if we can't answer your question, we'll find out who can.

Crisis Assistance

Amanda Sharick
Assistant Dean of Students

Amanda Sharick

• Tel: 650.736.2741

Angela Estrella
Well-Being Coach

Angela Estrella

• Tel: 650.736.7078

Assistant Dean of Students

Bianca Ortiz

• Tel: 562.201.8870

Assistant Dean of Students

Chidel Onuegbu

• Tel: 650.723.9938

Assistant Dean of Students and Associate Director

Christine Gibo

• Tel: 650.724.1718

Programs Associate

Irene Deng

• Tel: 650.721.2352

Assistant Vice Provost and Director

Ken Hsu

• Tel: 650.723.8357

Associate Director and Assistant Dean of Students

Laurette Beeson

• Tel: 650.736.7088

Administrative Associate

Lusia 'Olive

• Tel: 650.736.7078

Nick Antonicci
Assistant Dean of Students

Nick Antonicci

• Tel: 650.241.5989

Assistant Director for Accounting

Si Chen

• Tel: 650.723.5839

Programs Associate

Silvia Nguy

• Tel: 650.736.2760

Assistant Dean of Students

Sonya Forrester

• Tel: 650.724.1801

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