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Graduate Academic Policies and Procedures

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The Graduate Academic Policies and Procedures handbook (the GAP) is a compilation of university policies and other information related to the academic progress of Stanford graduate students, from their application and admission to the conferral of degrees and retention of records.

Graduate Academic Policies and Procedures (GAP)

5.9 Pregnancy, Childbirth, Adoption and Lactation

Defines an Academic Accommodation Period for registered and matriculated women graduate students anticipating or experiencing a birth. Provides guidance for students who wish to take a leave of absence for pregnancy, adoption or childbirth-related reasons.  Defines a Lactation Accommodation policy for matriculated students and postdoctoral scholars. Complies with the requirements of California Education Code 66281.7.

6.1.1 Graduate Tuition Categories: Policy

Matriculated graduate students at Stanford University are expected to enroll for at least eight units (full-time enrollment) at the 8, 9, 10-unit tuition rate during the school year. Schools and departments may set a higher minimum. Reduced tuition is available in particular circumstances, upon petition to the Office of the Registrar. Stanford University does not waive tuition in any circumstances.

7.1.1 General Funding Guidelines and Definitions: Policy

Admitting degree programs are responsible for determining the level of financial support to be offered to students. This policy defines elements of financial support and general guidelines for implementation.