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GLO Services

Get Advice and Support

Our specialty is helping graduate students, and we are here to help you navigate the issues, challenges and complications that are an inevitable part of life. The Graduate Life Office (GLO) can assist with a variety of situations including, but not limited to
  • personal issues
  • roommate problems
  • family and health concerns
  • academic challenges
  • financial difficulties
We can also help you with practical questions about life on campus and in the local community. We know about support services across campus and can refer you to the staff or office best suited to address your needs.

Crisis Assistance

If you experience urgent personal difficulties, relationship issues, academic problems, or other life crises, the Assistant Deans in the Graduate Life Office can be your lifeline.


For medical emergencies, life-threatening situations, and crime, call 9-911.

For Immediate Assistance from GLO

If you are in a crisis and need immediate assistance you can page the Graduate Life Dean on call 24/7 by following the instructions below.  If you can wait a few hours or until the next business day, please email and a GLO Dean will get back to you.

Text the GLO pager at Include your name and reason for paging in the message.

Call the GLO pager at 650-723-7288. You will reach a Stanford operator. Provide pager ID #25085 and indicate that you need to reach the graduate dean-on-call.

Make an Appointment with Us

We are available for appointments during the week to discuss any sort of problem you may have.
Contact us for an appointment:
650-736-7078 (Graduate Community Center Office)