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We're Hiring! 2024-2025 GSPB Coordinator

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Program Information

Graduate Student Programming Board (GSPB) is a program funded by the Graduate Life Office.  GSPB is a program that strives to improve social interaction between graduate students by organizing, sponsoring and coordinating social activities. GSPB brings together graduate students throughout campus.

The goals of GSPB are:

  • To provide regular interactions between graduate students by providing frequent, small to medium-sized events (movie night, game night, workouts etc).
  • To provide topical discussion forums on issues important to Stanford graduate students in intimate social settings (topics may include wellness, educational resources, academic topics that span multiple disciplines).


  • You must be a current matriculated graduate student.
  • You must be eligible to be paid for the full academic year (autumn-summer quarters). Admin Guide: Limits on Hours
  • You must be enrolled in all four quarters of the academic year (autumn – summer).
  • You may not have been found responsible or have an open investigation for serious university policy violations.


Position Time Frame

Coordinators are hired for an academic year of service from (Autumn, Winter, Spring) each year. Coordinators are also expected to host events during NGSO each year (the week before classes begin in Autumn quarter). Annual terms may be renewed based on performance.

Coordinators will start early in the Autumn to prepare for NGSO events. Training will be the first week in September. Subsequent planning meetings will take place after training and the event will be held the week of September 15, 2024.


If eligible, the compensation is a $1100 stipend per quarter (Autumn, Winter, Spring). Schedule is flexible but must fulfill position expectations. A Coordinators’ schedule can be negotiated with the supervisor based on students’ academic commitments.

Position Description

Coordinators are expected to develop and produce social programming for graduate students and be friendly and helpful resources for students interested in working with them to plan events:

  1. Develop and produce social programming for graduate students
    1. Required to host or co-host 5 to 6 events per quarter that fulfill the goals of the GSPB
    2. Coordinators will be assigned and required to complete events in one of each of the three categories and assigned weeks to complete their event requirement.
      • Recreation and Wellness
      • Arts and Culture
      • Social Only
    3. Coordinators are responsible for hosting monthly Community Planning meetings. Coordinators will work with the supervisor to determine the day and time of recurring meetings.
    4. Manage marketing, event logistics, including scheduling, vendor selection, catering, event setup, and cleanup.
    5. Attend planning meetings with GSPB team once per quarter to be held prior to the start of the next quarter.Collaborate with other departments and organizations on campus to coordinate events and ensure they align with university policies and procedures.
    6. Work with the Graduate Life Office team to establish event goals and budgets.
    7. Provide feedback and recommendations for future events based on attendance and feedback from attendees.
    8. Maintain accurate records and documentation of all event planning processes, including budgeting, event details, and vendor information.
    9. Complete training sessions to stay informed of university policies and best practices for event planning.
  2. Being a helpful resource and of service to volunteer event hosts 
    1. Recruit volunteer co-hosts and participants at New Graduate Student Orientation GOALIE event on September 20, 2024
    2. Respond to requests and ideas from volunteer co-hosts to discuss organizing and planning events.
    3. Provide information about event planning at Community Planning meetings.
    4. Create an environment that encourages people from a wide variety of backgrounds and perspectives to connect, engage and make meaningful contributions to GSPB programs and events.
    5. Provide event ideas, consultation, logistical support, relevant University policy information, and other general assistance as needed to support volunteer co-hosts. Assistance may be provided in person or over email.
    6. Promote the GSPB program and encourage grad students to participate in planning events.
  3. Perform administrative responsibilities and tasks defined and assigned by GLO
    1. Maintain the mailing list ( including  sending out weekly list of events, moderating list communication, and accepting/denying subscriptions.
    2. Complete requests for reimbursements or submit financial transaction documentation in a timely manner.
    3. Offer feedback to assist in designing GSPB marketing materials.
    4. Identify innovative opportunities to outreach to individual graduate students and community sub-populations who haven't engaged with GSPB programs.
    5. Update GSPB web presence including updating the GSPB calendar on a weekly basis.
    6. Offer feedback to the GLO Programs team on planning documents as necessary to reflect university policy and local and federal laws and student feedback.