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Apply to be an NGSO Coordinator

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Interested in being an NGSO Coordinator?

NGSO Coordinators are student staff leaders who play a vital role in ensuring the success of NGSO and preparing incoming grads for a new chapter in their lives.

Want to join the team? Please review the position description and submit an application by May 13th, 2024.

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NGSO Coordinator Position Description

NGSO Program Information:

Every year, the Graduate Life Office works with student volunteers to coordinate the New Graduate Student Orientation, or NGSO. In hopes to orient Stanford's new graduate students to the campus and ease their transitions here, it occurs the week prior to the start of classes. The programs are open to all incoming graduate students, both new and transfer students. 

The goals of NGSO are:

  • To connect students from across academic departments and encourage students to start building cross-disciplinary support networks. 
  • To inform and connect our new graduate students to the Graduate Life Office and other resources they have access to as a student.
  • To introduce new graduate students to student life on campus and within the SF Bay Area as it pertains to academics and co-curricular pursuits.
  • To provide resources to help build their toolboxes for a successful graduate career here at Stanford.

NGSO Coordinators are hired by the Graduate Life Office and report to the Assistant Director of Programs.


  1. You must already be a matriculated graduate student (pursuing any degree except the BA, BS, or BAS).
  2. You must be enrolled during Summer 2024 and Fall 2024 quarters.
  3. You must be eligible to work up to 5 hours per week during Summer Quarter according according to University policy on limitations on hours of employment for graduate students (see Admin Guide Memo 10.2.2 Graduate Student Hourly Employment: “Limits on Hours of Employment”). 
  4. You may not have been found responsible or have an open investigation for serious university and housing policy violations.


If eligible, the stipend for the position is $1,100 for the summer quarter. Coordinators are expected to work 3-5 hours per week, primarily outside of GLO with a flexible schedule based on planning tasks.

Position Description:

NGSO Coordinators plan, schedule, and implement the calendar of NGSO events in partnership with GLO and campus partners:

  1. Plan and support NGSO calendar of events
    • Create accessible events that encourage people from a wide variety of backgrounds and perspectives to connect, engage and make meaningful contributions.
    • Communicate NGSO logistics and scheduling with campus partners. Provide campus partners with event ideas, consultation, logistical support, and other general assistance as needed.
  2. Promote NGSO  and encourage new grad students to participate in events.
    • Design, develop, and distribute NGSO marketing materials (including swag).
    • Plan and implement NGSO marketing campaigns and work with GLO to notify campus partners of upcoming events.
  3. Recruit and train student volunteers who support events. 
    • Plan and implement recruitment strategy. Develop a system for tracking volunteers and a process for providing timely logistics communications.
    • Organize training workshop for volunteers 
    • Assists volunteers with problem-solving and decision making. Provides appropriate, timely, and constructive feedback. 
    • Implements strategies to consistently and fairly motivate volunteers. 
  4. Perform administrative responsibilities and tasks defined and assigned by GLO
    • Establish and maintain records of the event planning process including campus partner contact lists.
    • Generate end of quarter report describing planning process, systems, and lessons learned.
    • Meet with the planning committee regularly throughout the summer and consult with GLO on problems as needed.