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2019 NGSO Coordinators

A Message from your 2019 NGSO Coordinators


Dear New Graduate Students,

Welcome to the Stanford family! We're excited to bring our gorgeous campus and everything it has to offer to you through New Graduate Student Orientation (NGSO). The opportunities you have as a graduate student here are endless and can be overwhelming, but that's why we're here. NGSO is your introduction to the vast network of academic, career, health, athletic, social and recreational resources at your disposal at Stanford. We have been working with our amazing partners across campus to put together an exhaustive roster of events and resources and we encourage you to attend as many of them as you can. From football to culture centers, trivia nights to grad school strategies, we have you covered! At the events, you will be welcomed by our knowledgeable team of event organizers, graduate life deans, student volunteers, and campus staff and we are happy to take any and all of your questions. This brochure is also available online at, where we will post relevant updates. Come join us!

Your 2019-2020 NGSO Coordinators,
Doreen Chan | Chemistry
Andrea Yijie Gao | Civil & Environmental Eng.
Anni Zhang | Chemical Engineering

Meet your 2019 NGSO Coordinators

Doreen Chan


Year: 4th Year PhD Student
Department: Chemistry
Pronouns: she/her
Why are you excited for NGSO this year: Getting to connect incoming students with resources around campus. Also all the fun activities like speed friending!


Yijie Gao


Year: 1st year Master’s

Department: CEE

Pronouns: She/her
Why are you excited for NGSO this year: It was an exciting time when I first arrived at Stanford. I remembered being really amazed by the stunning campus but not sure where to start exploring. I hope the new graduate students will be able to learn about campus and resources through the NGSO program and get a head start on their journey of a lifetime!


Anni Zhang


Year: 2nd year PhD

Department: Chemical Engineering
Pronouns: She/her
Why are you excited for NGSO this year: I’m excited to meet all the new grad students and orient them to Stanford, a place that I’ve called home these past 2 years.