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Escondido Village Family Fund

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The Escondido Family Fund was established in 1988 by a gift from anonymous donors to provide rent subsidies to graduate student families with two or more children, living in Escondido Village.  Since funds are limited, families with the greatest need will be funded first and preference is given to PhD students who will be in the final years of their academic program.



As stipulated by the donors, families must have two or more children and live in Escondido Village for the entire award period. (Note: Families who expect their second child during the award period are eligible to apply for the months they will have two children).  In addition, the dependent children must live with their parent or parents in Escondido Village at least 50% of the time.

The recipient of the award must be a matriculated graduate student. (Summer registration is not necessary if the recipient will be a continuing student the following year)

It is expected that international students will not be eligible for funding in their first year of study, since their financial resources have been verified for visa purposes.


Award Cycle:

  • This is an annual academic year award. Funding is available for one to four quarters beginning in Autumn quarter.
  • A new application is required for each academic year, which runs from Autumn to the end of Summer quarter.
  • Students apply in the spring preceding the award year.
  • As is the case with all grants, this award is subject to state and federal income taxes.



Please direct questions to Sonya Forrester, Assistant Dean of Students, Graduate Life Office, 750 Escondido Road, 2nd Floor, Stanford CA 94305 or by email at

How to Apply

Application and information about the EV Family Fund, and the new Family Grant can be found here: